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Manicure - $28
Add French-$11
Pedicure- $58
Express Pedicure- $43
Mani/Pedi Combo- $78

Foot Mask-$11

Evo Gel Manicure- $38
Evo Gel Removal-$18
Evo Gel Removal with Gel Mani- $53
Evo Gel Add on- $18
Evo Gel Mani/Reg Pedi Combo- $88


Includes nail filing and shaping, cuticle care, moisturize, light buff and polish.

upgrade to gel for a healthy, strengthening and longer lasting, manicure.

Gel Manicure

Dry manicure which includes shaping and filing of the nail, cuticle care, buffing, Bio Sculpture EVO gel polish application and moisturize.

Bio Sculpture EVO Gel

EVO is a next generation brush-on gel system that has been designed from the base up with nail health and safety in mind. EVO is ideal for those who care about their nail health and are tired of the damage experienced by other brush-on gel brands.

EVO boasts a world first medical grade  formulation and oxygenating gel technology that helps prevent dehydration and softening of keratin, and aids in protecting the natural nail from damage.

All EVO Gel’s are also vegan animal cruelty free, and “10 Free" non toxic.


Includes nail filing and shaping, cuticle care and callus care, exfoliating scrub, light massage/moisturize, light buff and polish.